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Manned Guarding

The presence of fully trained and experienced security personnel has proven to be a highly effective deterrent to both casual thieves and career criminals on sites all over the world. Physical guards also provide a level of accountability that CCTV cameras alone cannot match. Any attempted break-ins can be dealt with immediately and detailed verbal reports phoned in if necessary.

Patrol Dogs

Patrol dog units are an extremely high visual deterrent and can cut down on the man power needed in manned guarding alone.

All our GP security patrol dogs are trained in article searches, building searches, intruder detect / locate and handler protection, making us the unbeatable team on any assignment.

Door Supervisors

Door Supervisors can often be the difference between a venue which is successful and one which is struggling to attract the right type of customer.

Protecting the health and safety of your employees and people who enter your venue is paramount which is why Vistar can provide you with fully trained and Licensed security staff to ensure you, your staff, your premises and your customers have a safe environment that will make your venue stand out from your competitors for all the right reasons.

Corporate Security

Our highly professional and expert officers are ready to help secure your business. 

With our officers not only can you ensure your material assets are covered but perhaps more importantly we’ll maintain that feeling of comfort your employees need every day in their workplace, ensuring peace of mind for everyone.

Retail Security

As a shop owner or manager, your aware of the continual risk of shoplifters targeting  your store, costing you money and depriving your loyal customers of fair prices. Vistar Security can provide you with retail security solutions that will stop shoplifters in their tracks and give your business the protection it deserves.

CCTV & Alarm Installations

Our experienced and friendly team of technicians work with both home owners and businesses to help them protect their premises and property.

From a simple domestic home alarm system to a full warehouse cctv/alarm system overhaul we can do it all.

We are happy to provide a free quotation for any type of CCTV work.

Alarm Response / CCTV Monitoring

Using our state of the art control room centre at the heart of our business we can integrate your CCTV or alarm system with our fully monitoring capabilities thus giving your business the protection it needs.

Once integrated we can monitor any cctv or alarm activation in real time and dispatch our response units or summon the police to deal with the intrusion.

Mobile Patrols

Our UK wide Mobile patrol service provides the perfect solution for a cost-effective, efficient and visible deterrent on low risk sites to provide pre-determined or roving mobile patrols from a simple visual drive-by to a full walk round and inspection or even a lock and unlock function

Construction Site Security

Here at Vistar Security we are committed to ensuring that your construction site is fully protected. As one of the UK’s leading security providers we employ only qualified security guards to carry out a full construction site security plan to keep all of your assets safe. Offering the complete package we can tailor the below construction security services to your exact needs.

  • Access/Egress control.
  • Equipment deliveries.
  • Night time manned guards.
  • CCTV.

Industrial Estate Security

Over the last 10 years we have been working with industrial estates to help them protect their premises at super low costs.

Having a number of premises close together means many businesses can share the cost of security and pay a fraction of the cost.

Our professional and dedicated guards will patrol entire estates detecting, deterring and reporting crime where ever it strikes.

Vacant Property Protection

When a property is vacant it can become an easy target for unauthorised visitors such as vandals and trespassers, often resulting in costly repairs and much frustration.

There is also the added risk that vacant property can fall into a state of disrepair, which will in turn encourage increased and unwanted crime.  

With over 15 years in securing vacant property effectively, Vistar Security is able to offer a range of services to ensure your property is well maintained, secure and less likely to attract crime, all factors in helping to retain the value and maintain insurance compliance.

Key Holding

By safeguarding a set of keys to your property, we are on-call for any emergency that may arise 24 hours a day, whether that’s responding to an alarm activation, letting in the builders or patrolling the property.