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Static Guard -                3   positions available

Dog Handler -                2   position available

Mobile Patrol -               1   position available

CCTV Technician -      0   positions available

Corporate Officer -      1   positions available

Retail Officer -                0  position available

Event Personnel

                            SIA  -          7  positions available

                 STEWARD -         12 positions available

Updated Monthly

We pride ourselves in delivering the highest possible standard in security services and are selective in recruiting skilled professionals and highly trained individuals to join our team.

Please Note:

 All Applicants are thoroughly vetted in accordance with SIA regulations. We only recruit experienced personnel who demonstrate excellent communicational skills, ability to work in a team, leadership, working under pressure and a high standard of customer service.

  •  Applications MUST be made via the method          below.  We do not accept telephone                             applications. 

  • Email your CV & job position to                                    [email protected]